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Full job description


Our Team Members are responsible for delivering excellent customer service and creatively inspiring our customers in their project journey. Our team members are experts in their field and are always up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. They use innovative merchandising techniques to showcase our products and to ensure customer satisfaction. All these efforts contribute to driving sales and making our customers happy.

Responsibilities Include:

· Manage and use the store cash register system in an efficient and friendly manner with professionalism and precision.

· Ability to open and close the store.

· Process all fabric at the cutting counter/table.

· Serge fabrics as needed for store customers or restocking merchandise.

· Lift, load/unload boxes from delivery trucks, and arrange stock on shelves and display racks.

· Maintain high sales floor standards by promptly cleaning shelves, putting away returns, and attending to spills and messes.

· Drive sales through product knowledge, suggestive selling, and innovative merchandising.

· Cleaning/Housekeeping of the shop.

· Set up classroom tables and chairs.

Physical Requirements:

· Ability to understand written instructions, reports, and other information on paper and computer screens.

· Input data on computer keyboard and/or register.

· Lift, place, and arrange items on shelves and racks.

· Bend down and reach above the head.

· Climb and descend a step stool/ladder.

· Team Members need to be able to lift up to 30 pounds unassisted.

Expected Availability:

Part-time status requires availability that meets the needs of the store. Team Members who work part-time are scheduled for less than 25 hours per week on average. Flexible availability means being able to work all open-store hours. Hours are scheduled according to the needs of the store and the team member’s availability.


Minimum – Knowledge and experience in any of the following fields: Cross Stitching, Quilting, Yarn craft, sewing, pattern making or any other fiber arts/crafts.

Preferred (not required) - 1-year previous experience in a customer-centric environment.