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UPDATE!! (12-29-2020) Crossed Wing Collection production time is 4 - 5 weeks. (Because Covid-19 has disrupted supply chains around the world, additional time may need to be added to account for fabric supply's travels.)
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April Aurora Autumn Oak Babies Breath
Bayou Birch Bluberry Blue Spruce
Butternut Caribbean Coral Reef Cottage Garden
Day Break Deep Sea Desert Earth
Egg Shell Fairy Ring Galaxy Lily Pond
Marl Lake Midnight Mocha Morning Glory
Nosturtium Nuthatch Okefenokee Old Rose
Orchard Orchid Polar Rainforest
Raven Redbird Romaine Sandstone
Sky Snowy Squall Starry Night Stone
Hand Painted Specialty Fabrics
Our goal is to create an unique fabric on which to stitch that special project, by hand painting with fabric dye rather than immersion in a dye bath.
Each piece of fabric is washed to remove sizing, soaked in an activator to help it better take the dye, then laid out flat and painted, carefully blending several colors to achieve a subtle mottling. It then cures for 24-48 hours, after which it is washed and rinsed several times to remove excess dye. After drying and ironing by hand, it is ready for your needle and thread and of course your imagination.