Cash for Stash

If you are downsizing and it’s time to get rid of some or all of your stash, then participate in our Cash for Stash program. It is a convenient, fair, and great way to share those fabrics you no longer need! Everyone goes through a period of time in which they just need to downsize or trade stash pieces they thought they would use but never found that perfect project. Whatever the reason we want to help you!

How it Works:

Just SEND US AN EMAIL with the information we need to evaluate your Stash. All products must be original package and tags. We are not accepting any used items. Images that you include will help us in our selection process. Images are not required for this phase.

We are currently accepting Hand Dyed Fabric, Hand Dyed Floss, Button and Beads. We will also be looking for mass produced Cross Stitch Floss such as DMC, Kreiniks, and Sullivans.

Please send the following information to cashforstash@roguestitching.com

  • Your List should include the following information:
  • (Fabric) Name of Company, Color Name, Fabric Type, Fabric Count, and Fabric Cut Size.
  • (Floss) Name of Company, Name of Color or Color Number, and any other detail that is necessary.
  • (Beads and Button) Name of Company, Name of Button or Button Number, and any other detail that is necessary.

**** Due to the time it takes to go through the individual requests that come into our email, we ask that you only send up to 25 items per request. The time it takes for our company to go through the request may vary based on the number of requests sent.


When you send your list and images (optional but helpful) of your items to the Cash for Stash team, we’ll go through each request and determine which items we believe we can use in our store. After that, we’ll determine how much we are able to offer. We will contact you with an offer either for cash or in-store credit.

**Those who choose the cash option will receive a lesser price versus a higher item credit option. We do not sell items on consignment.

The amount of the offer depends on several different factors including condition of the items, and our current stock quantity. Because of that reason, it is not possible to offer an accurate estimate beforehand without thoroughly going through the items that you request us to review.

Cash vs Stash Credit:

When you send in your list of items, you will be able to choose between cash or in-store credit program. Those who choose the cash option will receive a lesser cash price versus a higher item credit option .

Sending in your items.

After you accept the offer the Cash For Stash team makes, you will pack/ship your items to the address in your offer letter. The address will include a reference number for your request and an email address to send the tracking number to your package. You can choose not to send your package with tracking. If you do not send the package with a tracking number and the package does not reach us, we take no responsibility for lost or missing items and your offer letter is withdrawn.

After the items are checked in, verified, and processed, (Items that are misrepresented or of poor quality will not be accepted.) After the items are processed, we will send you a check within 7 to 10 business days or apply your in-store credit within 5 business days.

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Stash or our customer service department at 785-833-6085.